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Step-by-step help

This page will walk you through each stage of creating your video

1 Design and ordering

Your finished video will look like the template you choose. You could think of your video as a series of slides – like slides in a presentations deck.



The music that accompanies your style will play on your video. The full version of our service will allow you to choose and customise music.


Number of slides

Your video will contain 4 to 7 slides. You decide how little or much you want to say.



Your video will be as follows:

Slide 1: Logo – upload your logo

Slide 2: Main message/offer – a question or an engaging ‘hook’ statement that will make people want to watch the whole of your video

Slide 3: Benefit statement

Slide 4: Optional

Slide 5: optional

Slide 6: optional

Slide 7: Call to action – this is key – the direct response you want from people after they have seen your video



You can upload your logo and any images if you wish


2 Payment

After you have provided your words and images for each slide you’ll be taken to payment. You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.


3 Get Your Cool New Video

Give us 3 days and you will receive your video. You can crack on and get your message out there and woo some poeple!



4 Changes?

We are happy to do a free round of edits for you. You can change:

  • Wording
  • Images
  • Call to action